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Chair Shelve
Montagne Design Build
Measuring for machining
Montagne Steel Staircase
CNC Turning
Metal staircase side view
John Gidding Indoor Contextual Table
Aluminum Entrance Handle
Outdoor sign in copper
Bark Bark outdoor and indoor signs
Bonfire Pit
Hair salon in Atlanta
Base of staron table CNC routing on solid surface
CNC Engraving and Signage
Routed Architectural  Design
Joel Kelly Design
Montagne Design Build Staircase
Wine Wall
Mixing Console
"Cavu" acrylic wall light fixture
John Gidding “Design to Sell”

Our unique machine shop is equipped with a 5' x 12' CNC router able to process everything from engineered sheet goods to live edge solid wood pieces.  In addition we produce metal components and fixtures using manual machines as well as CNC milling and turning centers.  We also do welding fabrication.  Therefore we are able to match the wood part production portion of your project to the metal manufacturing for your assembly.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality prototyping manufacturing services in the Atlanta area, placing individualized attention to every single project.  If you are a cabinet maker, furniture designer or an inventor, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a visit with us, at no obligation, to see how we can materialize your design

We had to do a lot of work to this computer drawing to get to the point where it could be machined on the CNC router.  First there was a rough cut using different tools to create a bowl with some of the different elevations.  After that, the intricate design in the center was cut with a smaller tool, and finally the cleanup with a very small tool to create all the sharp edges.  This beautiful design became a mold to recreate a number of round dome shaped wall art pieces for the Hospitality Industry.  We made four different models of the same Acetal (Delrin) material.
This is a solid wood 4' x 4' board game table.  This elegant piece of walnut was first planed on the CNC router to make it flat.  Once flat all left to do was to apply the checker design in the center, using a fine tip tool and a special cnc cut strategy.  This wood has a hallow grain, sometimes curly textured so when machining and applying a toolpath we want to employ special care to avoid any damage.
MDF is one of the best materials to cut on a CNC router table that uses vacuum suction as a means to hold down materials to be CNC cut.  This is due to it’s flat even surface and porosity but also because of the density and durability that is has.  MDF’s durability can be employed for a skeletal building structure or frame to support and shape other materials as in this picture.  It also offers a rigid shape that doesn’t easily change unless soaked with liquids.  That makes it Ideal when an exact dimension or shape is needed as for an insert or a prototype.  It is inexpensive and can be CNC cut in various shapes and sharp or mitered edges and it comes in different colors making it good for display as well.
This is a manual machine that we use from time to time.
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