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CNC router cutting odd shapes of melamine to make a jig to aid on a reverse engineering project
Old parts can and should be replaced if they are needed for continued use of an otherwise perfect configuration

Material objects could become unusable for any number of reasons.  If you would like reverse engineering to recreate a piece that sustains the ongoing use of a specific assembly, we may have the means to help you.  We are not saying all parts could be produced in our machining facilities, but that can be determined once we take a look at your part.   To determine if we can replace your part you can bring the part in question by our shop or send us a preliminary photo showing different angles of it.


If you have a CAD drawing of the part, we would prefer to work with that.  If not, we can measure it and generate a CAD drawing to give you exact dimension of the part and have you approve the dimensions found on the piece.  Once we send you the new part CAD drawing and you approve it we can start to apply toolpaths to prepare for CNC Routing or Machining of your parts.  You can rest assured our work is done with discretion and high ethical standards.

We will get to work on your parts promptly and we do many different manufacturing services at our shop.  Small or large loads are accepted here and please be sure to ask about our high volume discount.


You can give us a call at (404) 850-3155 to schedule a visit to show us your sample, or send us drawing or picture via email email:

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