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 Furniture Parts


The people at Precision Fablab believe that furniture pieces should both fit in your room design for aesthetic reasons while serving a more efficient purpose.  With living spaces becoming smaller and our possessions broadening, custom furniture is the best option for anyone who needs functionality and space.

 The design of multi-purpose furniture to create more manageable workable spaces is on the rise and with good reason.  Creating more efficient living spaces that economize room and make us feel rested cannot be considered frivolous but a basic need to many living an urban life style.

Of course we cannot forget about the elderly or people with disabilities who specially deserve to live more at ease and with the least amount of restriction possible.  Custom furniture can be made for specific needs or on a larger scale for people with similar difficulties.

Our CNC Routing Services extend to Furniture Manufacturing

If you have a computer design of furniture you wish to have us manufacture for you, we prefer to work with you that way.  We can also work together if you do not have a 3D CAD design of the furniture and the parts we will CNC cut for you for an added a design charge.  If you have a picture from which you are inspired and you want to recreate a similar piece from it, please let us see.  We have custom CNC Manufacturing services for wood, metal, plastic, acrylic and materials composed of different sources to meet your manufacturing needs.

We make a lot of welding fabrication for furniture with metal components to compliment a number of wood or plastic structures.  For a quote just email us your design to or call us at (404) 850-3155

Custom CNC Wood Cutting


We work with furniture designers that excel on commercial spaces like office buildings, restaurants, entertainment venues, medical practices, the hospitality and film industries and retail stores.  Other designers that we work with prefer to operate in residential projects making furniture pieces and cabinetry for home owners and home builders.  We treat our client’s designs with discretion in all aspects of any work we do.  When the wood, metal or plastic parts are ready we put special care in protecting them so they arrive intact to the place where they would be finished.  If the furniture piece is one we can finish at our machine shop, we package it well, and possibly deliver also.  

Preecision Fablab protects all CNC routed parts for safe transit
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