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We made these posts in our CNC Mill-Turn Center

It is always thrilling to complete a job well done, ahead of schedule. Precision Fablab CNC Machining produces low and high volume metal parts fast with the help of manual mills and lathes along with numerically controlled machines to make new custom parts, replace a selection of components and sometimes provide maintenance or repair on unique parts. A CNC machine performs a program, repeating it identically time and time again to administer the precise same pieces in massive quantities. CNC machines will generate advanced, quick and precise actions that may be challenging to try and do on a traditional machine. A CNC machine is programmable, and it’s employed to machine a massive variety of materials while reducing setup time between applications. ​To give you a quote evaluation of the time required to finish your components, we will use your CAD drawing to simulate however the toolpathing will take place. In short, once we import the drawing into the CAM software and put in the tools, direction within which the tools will move and commands associated will be created and a simulation of the run could be generated. If your part is turned employing a CNC turning center or processed with a CNC machining center the tool will always follow the applied G-Code on to the CNC machines. At this point you will have a more precise quote for the completion of your project. Our CNC machining centers can machine components quickly withing the same setup maintaining very high accuracy. A CNC lathe with live tooling conjointly referred to as a mill/turn is often utilized in several cases for a part having machining aspects including milling and turning done in the same run. These machines will scale back setup time by combining operations like facing, drilling, tapping and boring. To see how our multitasking machines can make your custom part cutting concept into a physical part schedule a visit with us or just stop by and say hello. If you have a design ready to go, you may get a quote via email by sending a communication and CAD file attached to


(404) 850-3155

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